About Our Artist Heather Scott

Heather Scott is an amazing artist and we are so happy to work with her. You will see her beautiful artwork incorporated in all of our packaging, point of purchase displays and our website. 

Since 1999, Heather has created countless custom pieces, where she collaborates with her clientele to create the ideal work of art they desire for their body.  As a talented, professional artist, each and every piece is designed with true passion and soul.  Heather's inspiration comes from the client's wish for a custom piece, and their flexibility to evolve their ideas into a completely unique tattoo design that they will be satisfied with long after the healing process is done.  Her favorite artistic style is any style, as long as it is original and expressive, but darker and fantasy themed tattoos are a personal favorite.

With deep roots in the world of tattoo expression, we are proud to have Heather as an Ink Cured artist.  If you need  Heather do do anything for you please email her at Artist@InkCured.com